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With Porcelane, your dentist brings a one of a kind mobile dental suite right to your living room or office. Book your appointment online, a dentist arrives and completes your care, all done.

No more waiting rooms. No more waiting.


Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

Whether your dentist uses Zoom, Glo, or another whitening treatment, your dentist will use a concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide to essentially bleach your teeth. If done improperly, this can cause sensitivity—not only during your appointment, but long after, as well.

At Porcelane, we use Glo Whitening, a popular professional treatment that’s been proven to cause far less sensitivity than other professional whitening products—an important criteria for us at Porcelane.

While all whitening products tend to cause some degree of tooth sensitivity, according to a recent clinical study conducted by University Health Resources, Zoom Whitening caused extreme to severe pain in 30% of patients while Glo Whitening caused extreme to severe pain in 0% of patients. This is especially significant considering that both Glo and Zoom produce the same whitening power—making teeth an average of 5 shades whiter in a single sitting.

During your Porcelane whitening session, we first polish teeth thoroughly with pumice paste to remove all surface stains. Next, we protect your gums with a barrier that’s applied before whitening gel is placed on your teeth. Then we use a mouthpiece with integrated light that allows for controlled heat, which increases the whitening power of the peroxide and reduces the potential for sensitivity.

Your entire appointment is completed by your Porcelane Dentist. And throughout your whitening session, your dentist will check in with you to see how you're feeling to prevent sensitivity.

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