"It’s been a pleasure having your company serve our residents. We are very pleased with the way Dr. Ghorbani has made us all (the staff, the residents and their family members) feel comfortable before, during and after the whole procedure. At the end of the day, none of the residents backed out, no one showed any signs of anxiety or agitation and the family members as well were happy about the on-site services you provided."

Efren Caliboso, Generations Program Director


"As a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice, I was thrilled to find Dr. Ghorbani of Home Care Dentist to follow-up with necessary dental treatment on my patients. He shares my philosophy of minimally invasive oral healthcare and has a gentle touch that puts even challenging patients at great ease."

Irene Hogan, RDHAP


"Dr. Ghorbani visited my mom at home yesterday. He was kind, gentle and patient in examining her in her hospital bed. I *cannot* tell you the relief that we have with a professional plan for caring for her teeth! I highly recommend them if you know someone who cannot make it to a dental office."

Hitomi Benedetti


"I was so glad to find this in-home resource for my Mom who has Alzheimer's dementia and is no longer able to tolerate going to a dentist office. Dr. Ghorbani was very patient with her; I was so pleased with the service! Thank you!"

Anita Kane


"My husband is a Hospice patient who is on oxygen. When he developed pain in his jaw we were very concerned. There was no way that we could take him to visit his regular dentist. We were very thankful when Hospice gave us Dr. Ghorbani’s name and phone number. He has seen my husband twice and both times we have been very impressed with what a gentle, professional young man he is. His portable dental equipment is state-of-the-art. We would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ghorbani."

Donna Baker


“My husband is disabled and we contacted Home Care Dentists for a dental examination. Dr. Ghorbani was great. He was on time, very personable and sensitive to my husband’s needs. The scheduling process was very easy and communication was thorough. We will definitely be contacting Home Care Dentists for my husband’s future dental needs.”

Cheryl Norris


"Dr. Ghorbani provided a very comfortable setting for my mom at her long term nursing care facility. We were not sure what to expect from her, but she seemed delighted to sit still and have her teeth cared for! He was personable and gentle. He was on time for the appointment and very thorough during the visit. We will definitely use Dr. Ghorbani’s dental services in the future."

Lisa DeSilva


"Dr. Ghorbani is patient, professional, and offers practical solutions in caring for the elderly patients he treats. As a care manager with clients that are unable to leave their homes for dental appointments, I was most pleased to meet Dr. Ghorbani and count on him to provide this valuable service."

Jan M. Seamons, Care Manager, CPG


"Our residents and their families have been very satisfied with the service and very much appreciate the convenience!"

Araceli Antonio RN, Director of Health Services


"Dr. Ghorbani performed an in-house cleaning and cavity filling for my 92 year-old father Russell McGovern and was excellent. My father was very impressed with the professional service and bed-side manner provided by Dr. Ghorbani. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ghorbani to anyone seeking in-home dental service."

Bill McGovern


"I was very much surprised that Dr. Amir Ghorbani was able to reattach the bridge. I was also impressed with his professionalism and his ability to work under some difficult conditions. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Home Care Dentist."

Shah Munjee


"Dr. Ghorbani provides an excellent and convenient service. All procedures are thoroughly explained and relatively painless. His relaxed demeanor and concern for patient comfort are sincere, and he always arrives on time, early even. I am very thankful to have found a quality dental care provider in Dr. Ghorbani."

Dr. Christa Wulle


"Thank you for your attention and caring for my mother and her dentistry needs. She is 96 years old and is in a memory and care unit in AlmaVia facility. She cannot drive to doctor appointments anymore, but needs care for her teeth on a regular basis, as everyone does. I was gratified to find out that you offered this mobile dentistry service. It was getting to be a long time between dental appointments and I needed to get her teeth cleaned. Dr. Ghorbani arrived a little early, was very courteous and kind, and treated my mother extremely well. He catered to her and gained two friends. Also, I definitely will use his services again in 3 months when she needs another cleaning. I feel I can trust Dr. Ghorbani. He is knowledgeable and gracious and did a superb job. Thank you!"

Val Sakovich


"I was very impressed with Dr. Ghorbani's dental care for my mom at Gordon Manor in Redwood City. He did a great job making her comfortable by bringing all of the necessary portable equipment and setting it up in the privacy of her own room. She is now doing well with her repaired dentures. Thank you!"

Ed Kendrick


"Our experience with Dr. Ghorbani was excellent. We did not know what to expect and it turned out to be such a positive experience for my mother and us as caregivers. Dr. Ghorbani has such a wonderful bedside manner, he explained everything to my mother as he was doing it, did not pressure us to do anything more than what we felt was necessary. I thought so much of him, I called my mother's doctor right way and gave him Dr. Ghorbani's information because her doctor is a geriatric specialist. I knew that other patients would be so happy to know that a dentist could come to their home. We will definitely be calling Dr. Ghorbani for any future dental needs that may occur with my mom. Thank you again Dr. Ghorbani."

Pat Pagano


"My brother is bed bound and feared that home dentistry would be too painful and teeth would need to be pulled. When Dr. Ghorbani arrived my family could tell that he was a kind and compassionate dentist. His approach to my frightened brother was spot on. I’m sure Dr. Ghorbani’s approach was the only reason my brother agreed to be cared for. Later my brother told me that cleaning was not painful and he was agreeable to future care. For many years I’ve searched for in home dental care and could find no one. Dr. Ghorbani’s no nonsense, not over the top, but ever so needed care has been nothing short of a godsend. Dr. Ghorbani was punctual, respectful, worked in a calm, informative and timely manner. Highly recommended. Thank you!"

E. Rouns


"This is just a quick note to thank you for taking good care of my mother over the past few months. Having you available to come to the home has been a wonderful and much needed facet of her overall medical care."

Allan L. Reiss, M.D.


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