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"It's one thing to think of doctors in the 1950s with their black bags and stethoscopes going into people's homes. It's another thing to think about the very real and practical nature of the dentistry we're doing," says Sarafan. Ghorbani serves a wide range of clients by offering his in-home services. While the less mobile senior population serves as their primary clientele, the several additional markets that use their services initially surprised them. These include people with agoraphobia (fear of public or unfamiliar places), dental phobia, disabilities, and even busy professionals just seeking convenience.

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"It's the most rewarding work I've done," Dr. Ghorbani said. "It provides access to dental care for patients who wouldn't otherwise be able to get it. I'm contributing to their oral health and overall health because everything is connected."

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What Dr. Ghorbani and team did not predict when launching their services is the burgeoning subset of Home Care Dentist patients that are entirely free of mobility, aging or phobia concerns and are simply seeking a more modern and convenient solution to their health needs.

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